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Laser Therapy for Stress Relief

Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. When you feel threatened, your nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which put the body into emergency action mode. Your heart pounds faster, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises, breath quickens, and your senses become sharper. These physical changes increase your strength and stamina, speed your reaction time, and enhance your focus.

This is known as the “fight or flight” stress response and is your body’s way of protecting you. When working properly, stress helps you stay focused, energetic, and alert. In emergency situations, stress can save your life—giving you extra strength to defend yourself, for example, or spurring you to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident.


When stress stops being helpful and interferes with your ability to live a normal life for an extended period, it can become dangerous. The longer the stress lasts, the worse it is for both your mind and body. You might feel fatigued, unable to concentrate or irritable for no good reason.

According to the American Psychological Association:

  • Twenty-six percent of adults report feeling stressed about money most or all of the time.

  • Thirty-one percent of teens report feeling overwhelmed as a result of stress. 30 percent say that they feel sad or depressed as a result of stress, and 36 percent report feeling tired or fatigued because of stress.

  • Forty-one percent of adults who are married or living with a partner say that they lost patience or yelled at their spouse or partner due to stress in the past month and 18 percent of those who are employed said they snapped or were short with a coworker.

  • Forty-six percent of those who say they have no emotional support say they felt depressed or sad due to stress in the last month, compared with 32 percent of those who say they have emotional support.

  • Twelve percent of Americans have said they skipped going to the doctor in the past year when they needed health care because of financial concerns.

~Laser therapy for stress management is a painless therapy that relaxes the body like acupuncture but without the needles.

Benefits of Laser Therapy Can Include:

  • Enhanced sense of well being

  • Decreased heart rate

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Increased energy

  • Better sleep 

~ Enjoy some immediate relief from the hectic demands of everyday life.

Our Low-Level Laser Therapy program relieves stress and lowers anxiety. It targets specific acupressure points to release endorphins, the “feel good” chemicals in our body, resulting in a feeling of calmness and total relaxation. The effects of the laser can have benefits lasting from several days up to one week.

The laser treatment involves the application of a non-invasive laser beam to specific energy points on the ears, and hands.

Guidance relating to relaxation, nutrition, and exercise will be given to encourage lifestyle changes. All of this can help reduce the effects of everyday stress and anxiety.

Each session is a one-on-one with a laser therapist trained to listen and provide guidance and advice to assist the client.

(**Please Note: While the treatment will not change the circumstances of ones life, it will help promote a sense of well being, thus enabling an individual the ability to better cope with and manage life more effectively.)

An initial visit lasts around 40 minutes and includes an assessment of each client regarding current lifestyle and desired changes. This session also includes a painless, relaxing treatment with the laser and costs $85. Subsequent sessions are around 20 minutes and cost $60.

Results are best achieved when therapy is provided once a week although the treatment can be used on an “as needed” basis as well.

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*Take a Deep Breath and R E L A X...

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