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Welcome to the Laser Store!

Here you will find our products and services as well as payment options. Thanks for visiting and happy shopping!

No Butts About It(90 min.)

Includes counseling, video presentation and laser therapy to quit smoking for you and a friend

$478.(a $20. savings) 

Commit to Quit(60 min.)

Invest in yourself by prepaying for your laser therapy stop smoking treatment. Here you can pre-pay for your treatment, receive a discount, and also book an appointment up to 3 weeks out to prepare.

$239.(a $10 savings)

Relax and Renew Initial Visit(40 min.)

Includes lifestyle intake evaluation and a 20 minute stress-relieving laser session.


Relax and Renew Follow Up(20 min.)


Pain, Pain Go Away(30 minute sessions)

Relieve that tension and stress with a series of 4 laser treatments for pain.

Your neck, back, or knees will thank you!

*Package of 4 treatments $220(a $20. savings)

Pain Follow Up(20 min.)


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