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Commit to Quit

Want a Great Way to Plan for the Big Day, Even If You're Not Ready Today?

Check Out Our, "Commit to Quit Program!"

Here's How It Works:

Call and select a desired appointment date(within 3 weeks)*Prepay for your treatment.Receive a $10. discount as our way of saying, "Good For You!".

It's That Simple!

3 Reasons Why You Should, "Commit to Quit":

Having a quit date allows you to mentally prepare for your treatment.Making a financial investment in yourself solidifies your decision.Planning ahead prevents life from, "getting in the way", and allows you to make your health top priority.

Payment must be made upon booking your appointment in order to receive discount

**Please Note: Prepaid services are treated as a gift certificate and while transferable, are Non-Refundable.

Thank You.

Visit the page entitled, "Laser Store" for Payment Options

~For about what the average smoker spends a month on cigarettes, you can become a non-smoker in just one hour!

Your new, healthy lifestyle awaits you!



Can I Really Afford to Quit??

A pack of cigarettes averages $6.30

The average smoker smokes a pack and a half a day

That equates to $283.50 a month.

Laser Therapy costs $249.00

You're Smart, You Do the Math

How Can You Afford Not To !

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