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Preparing For Your Appointment

Here Are Some Tips to Help You Get Ready for Your Quit Day:

1-Please make sure you eat before your appointment.

~ Quitting smoking is hard work! A good night's sleep and a nourished body will surely make your appointment satisfying.

2-Please limit caffeine to 2 cups the day of your appointment. 

~ Points for stress and anxiety are included in your treatment. Too much caffeine can interfere with your body's ability to relax.

3-Aromatherapy is an amazing thing however ladies, due to close quarters, please pass on the perfume.

4-This is a huge day for you and you deserve to be focused and relaxed.

While we love them, the office is a quiet(and possibly boring) environment for small children. 

~Please arrange for childcare prior to your appointment. 

5-We love presents.

~Please bring any and all smoking paraphernalia into the office. We will gladly destroy the evidence for you.

Thank You For Your Cooperation!

We Look Forward to Helping You

Get Healthy!

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